About Me

I am a pastor and I love to cook.

Cooking it is an incredible creative and life giving process; however it saddens me deeply that food has become something so detrimental today.  From the exploitation of labor to poor eating habits it seems that rather than sustaining life food is destroying it.  Thus I am blogging.

The United Methodist Church, of which I am a member celebrates what we call an Open Table.  All are welcome to celebrate Communion, or the Lord's Supper in the United Methodist Church in recognition that grace is extended to all.  However, I believe that all of our tables should also reflect the life-giving promise of Christ.

Thus I am writing An Open Table, in which I hope to promote more seasonal, vegetable-inclusive and healthy eating.  I also love to try new things- I believe that eating and cooking should be an adventure, so I want to make this blog and table open to many different kinds of cooking and hopefully in turn this will open all of our culinary vocabularies.  Finally, I would like to share the sort of recipes that anyone can cook, I have no training myself so I figure if I can do it here...then, if you make your table open as well you can make it at home.