Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roasted Radishes

I didn't much care for radishes as a kid. The seemed to be just another raw vegetable, yet lacked the sweetness of carrots. Since then my feelings have changed. I still think that they're just okay by themselves. Then I had them as an appetizer, sliced and served with butter and sliced baguette- perfection! I recommend that you try this my friends, its probably the simplest appetizer ever and so so good. 

Shortly there after, I saw a recipe for roasted radishes- "well why not?" I thought. Roasted radishes have since become one of my favorite side dishes. Roasted, the radishes mellow and taste almost like a very mild turnip. They also give the plate a great splash of color. 

Lately versions of roasted radishes have been featured again and again in magazines. People often drizzle orange juice, sprinkle lemon zest, or add any number of herbs. Experimentation is encouraged though unneeded. Here I have given you the most basic of recipes: radishes, olive oil, salt and pepper.